First Saturday – Monthly
4:00pm – 5:00pm
$40 investment

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NYC   718.865.8568  |  917.825.8108
GIRL YOGA – The first yoga class exclusively for Women
For beginners and experienced practitioners and all walks of life regardless of your age, agenda or experience

Girl Yoga has arrived in Brooklyn and West Hollywood to offer women the opportunity to come back to center, own their space and inhabit their body. GirlYoga explores the spectacular nature of ourselves through yoga, breath, music and empowering feminine movement including hip openers, core strengthening, endurance enhancement and ramping up resiliance.

Girl Yoga gives you the permission, provides a safe space and offers the support for you to connect with your body and dive in deep. You will emerge with a greater connection to and appreciation of your qualities and strengths as a woman and become more grounded in who you really are.

Through challenging postures and unfamiliar movement, we break through any inhibitions and roadblocks so that you become more comfortable in your skin, more confident in your interaction and utterly accepting of your uniquely amazing self that only you can emmulate in all it’s potential as you step out as a feminine leader in the world!

The willingness to commit to a better lifestyle.

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